Rohit Sharma

As posted on our facebook page Lt. Col. Deol’s Minerva Academy (View on facebook)

“A huge respect to all the teachers and members of Minerva academy and a huge hello to all my friends here.
I am Rohit Sharma from una distt. of himachal pradesh. I was a student of Minerva academy from 16 January, 2013 to 26 January, 2013 in the NDA batch. Now only because of this academy, I have finally been selected in NDA for army. I don't have any words to express my thanks to all the faculty of Minerva academy but still a lot of thanks to them.
Only one line I want to say about the coaching is that it changed my whole mentality in just 10 days. After 10 days, i myself realised the changes born in me. Regarding the coaching i will not say much as you all know that it is just out of the world.
Due to all this, I cleared my SSB in 11 board of ALLAHABAD on 9 APRIL, 2013. I will not share with you all the experience of there due to shortage of time as I am going to join NDA tomorrow, but I will definitely share one very important thing which I think is very important for all those who take coaching. And that thing is-ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF DURING YOUR SSB,DONT PAY EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF ATTENTION TOWARDS THE OTHER CANDIDATES WHO TRY TO DEMORALISE YOU.
Sorry for just a small sharing of my experience but it’s a shortage of time. I will definitely come to the academy in December, then I will share my whole experience with everyone. But sorry for now.
And one more thing to all the students of academy...........If u want to clear your SSB, then pay full attention in all the classes of every teacher, don’t always keep on laughing.
Thank you and sorry again.............all the best to all the students....hope we all will soon meet in INDIAN ARMY.”