Students Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching

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Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching Rajiv Kumar Verma

Rajiv Kumar Verma

State & City – Uttar Pradesh

SSB Center & Course – 3AFSB, AFCAT

♦ The systematic procedures being followed in the academy are awesome. Everything is so planned and coordinated that no doubt or confusion remains in mind all instructors are very efficient, expert and thorough in their discipline subject.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam coaching Gurpreet Singh




♦ Minerva academy is the best academy. I am holder, but never learn this type of basic knowledge. Whole teaching staff, lift you as you are in your own home. I feel very happy and confident about myself. I have chosen this academy. I feel proud that I am a student of Minerva academy.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam coaching Himmat Singh



♦ Minerva academy provide me peaceful environment for study & enhance my skill to appear in the compaction exam of the combined defense requires. All faculty of the Minerva is experienced which is helpful and cooperative.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam coaching Midhun Anand



♦ I was here for the written exam coaching. The teaching level was really good. Being from Kerala, I thought if might be a little hard for me to follow the lectures. But the teachers were really helpful. They wouldn’t move on to the next topic without cleaning the doubts and answering the queries.

♦ Confidence – that is mainly what I got from here. Minerva academy has surely built up a high level of confidence, determination & will power in me. Now, I have this feeling in me that I will surely pass the written examination.

♦ They all should come here and experience the life at Minerva which will surely change their lives.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam coaching by Manjeet


Course – AFCAT

♦ At Minerva, I learn many things like the stamina of studying for many things like the stamina of studying for many hours. I have improved my stamina of spending time with books. They (the teachers of the Minerva Academy) have taught us the methods to learn things correctly & to remember them appropriately.

♦ Minerva academy is fully furnished having lush-green environment. Infrastructure is very good. Every kind of facility is provided in the hostel & full security is also there given to the girls. Mess is too good. The food is delicious & there is no partiality. The cooks are very good & they give family like atmosphere.

Student Feedback Akshay Singh Bhadouna CDS/AFCAT Written Coaching

Akshay Singh Bhadouna

Course – CDS - AFCAT

State/City – MP/Gwalior

♦ Minerva academy is the best Academy in India in terms of written coaching as well as in SSB for the defense aspirants.

♦ I have not seen a library consisting vast study material expect Minerva academy.

♦ The admin stallion wing is also very useful for the students. As it provides different-different model papers of the exams. At any time when we asked them to do so.

♦ I feel great after getting coaching from the academy. This was my first experience outside my home town. And it ends well.

♦ Academy infrastructure is very good here, hostel is spacious and furniture is also good, mess, I consider it as the best mess in the northern India and the food quality is awesome, nutritious. Ground facility is also very good, classrooms are big and well maintained chairs and desk are of good quality. Environment and surroundings are very close to nature. The environment we get here is of great use in completion full of studying. Overall my experience was outstanding and will be very useful in farther life.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching Surbhi Malik

Surbhi Malik

State & City – Chandigarh
SSB Center & Course – Varanasi, AFCAT

♦ The best thing about Minerva academy is discipline. A candidate is so bound to follow the rules that it feels we are already in the army forces. The guidance given by all the teachers is so helpful. Also, there is the proper facility given to play various sports like football, volleyball, tennis etc.

♦ The food of mess and the services of mess are also amazing. The ground also has the facility of different games that can be played in the free time.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching Rajat Goyal

Rajat Goyal

State & City – Punjab, Bathinda
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ I think Minerva is the best coaching institute of north India. Here all the faculty members are very good in their subjects. We made to discuss topic in GDs and speeches every day.

♦ I was unable to speak on stage safer 10 days i.e. stage Phobia. But now I can definitely address the crowd of people no matter what quantity of people in the crowd is.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching NK Ojha

NK Ojha

State & City – Bihar, Ara

SSB Center & Course – 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar, AFCAT

♦ I am a serving airman and find the Minerva academy at pre with the training center available in defense forces.

Student Feedback AFCAT Written Exam Coaching Deepak Kumar Jha

Deepak Kumar Jha

State & City – West Bangal & Kolkata

SSB Center & Course – Varanasi AFCAT (Indian Air Forces)

♦ The thing that I liked most is the infrastructure of the Minerva. It is really the best in India. The ground & mess is really nice. These 10 days experience the best expectance of my life.


Why Minerva Academy?


• Established in 1955 by Lt. Col Deol, Minerva Academy is the Premier, the Oldest and the Best Academy for SSB Interviews with over 60 years of experience.

• Minerva has an unbeatable track record, with over 35000 officers trained to success, and over 1000 top positions in the Indian Armed forces.

• Every fourth officer in the Indian Armed forces has been a student of Minerva Academy.

• The Minerva Academy campus provides unmatched infrastructure, spread over 10 acres in lush green, pollution free, SSB like environment with on campus hostel and mess.

• The highly qualified and experienced faculty at Minerva adopts a practical, systematic and fun filled approach towards SSB training.

• Minerva guarantees 10 days, 100 hrs of coaching for SSB Interviews / over 300 hours in 6 weeks for written exam coaching unlike other institutes.

• Location is easily accessible and well connected by Rail, Road and by Air.

• Former Chief of The Indian Army, General JJ Singh / Former Deputy Chief LT General GD Singh has been a student of Minerva academy.

• PVC - Captain Vikram Batra (Kargil Hero) & PVC - Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon (IAF's First and Only PVC awardee) were also proud Minervans.

• The First Indian to climb Mount Everest Cap. A. S. Cheema (Padma Shri Award, Arjuna Award, SM VSM) was also one of the famous alumni.

• Only Minerva Academy offers a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, dedicated Obstacle course and vast open grounds to encourage fitness among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for a success at the SSB.

Contact Us


 Lt. Col. Deol’s MINERVA ACADEMY (ESTD.1955) NH 21, V.P.O. Daon. Distt. Mohali, Punjab Pincode -140301
(10 km from CHANDIGARH Bus Stand, Sector 17)

Call Us: +91- 8054197300

Phones: 0172-2277063, 2278273



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